Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers recognizes the importance of responsible mining practices in the sourcing of precious metals and gemstones. Despite not owning or operating any mines, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers strives to ensure that their materials are ethically and sustainably sourced from suppliers who align with their values and policies.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers maintains long-standing relationships with their suppliers, prioritizing the acquisition of metals directly from known mines and recycled sources. Additionally, they promote positive change in the mining industry through collaborative efforts with suppliers, employees, NGOs, and other stakeholders. They are actively involved in multi-stakeholder initiatives that encourage responsible mining practices.

Furthermore, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers demonstrates their commitment to responsible mining practices through their philanthropic efforts. They support organizations that establish standards and certification systems for responsible mining practices in the artisanal and small-scale mining sectors.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers shares a commitment to responsible mining practices and works to ensure that their materials are ethically and sustainably sourced. They collaborate with stakeholders in the mining industry to promote positive change and support organizations that advance responsible mining practices. Their dedication to sustainability and responsible sourcing is reflected in their CSR initiatives.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers understands the negative environmental impact that can result from mining, and they are committed to reducing this impact throughout their supply chain. To achieve this goal, they ensure that the materials used in their jewellery, including Gold, Silver and Gemstones, are ethically and sustainably sourced. They carefully select suppliers and prioritize working with local sources to reduce their carbon footprint.

Moreover, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers actively promotes environmental stewardship in the mining industry through their philanthropic and advocacy efforts. They collaborate with local communities and organizations to support sustainable mining practices and the restoration of historical mining sites.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers is dedicated to responsible mining policy and the protection of public lands. Through their CSR initiatives, they strive to make a positive impact on the environment and society while delivering high-quality, ethically sourced jewellery pieces to their customers.

Under the direction and guidance of Mrs. Mallika Hemachandra, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers believes in the importance of giving back to the community and the nation as a whole. As a Sri Lankan company, we are committed to upholding the values and morals of their culture while providing high-quality and ethically sourced jewellery pieces to their customers.


Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers recognizes that we have a responsibility to not only operate as a successful business but also to make a positive impact on society. Through our CSR initiatives, we are committed to supporting various causes and organizations that contribute to the betterment of the

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers recognizes the importance of respecting and protecting the human rights of all people impacted by their business. we are committed to ensuring that their suppliers align with our values and policies and that all workers involved in crafting our jewellery are treated fairly and with dignity.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers prioritizes responsible sourcing practices, ensuring that our materials are ethically and sustainably sourced and that the rights of the workers involved in mining and sourcing are respected. We work with our suppliers to promote responsible practices and adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Additionally, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers is committed to protecting the human rights of our own employees. We have policies in place to ensure that our employees are treated fairly and with respect, and that their working conditions are safe and healthy.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers shares the commitment to promoting and managing human rights. We are dedicated to upholding the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights and other international laws and standards. Our commitment to protecting human rights is reflected in their CSR initiatives, which aim to create a positive impact on both the environment and society while providing high-quality and ethically sourced jewellery pieces to our customers.

At Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers, we believe in positively contributing to the communities and economies in which we operate. This includes creating job opportunities, providing training and promoting workers, and establishing living wage programs for our employees in developing countries. We take pride in operating our own cutting, polishing, and jewellery manufacturing workshops to ensure our products are crafted in a safe and healthy workplace.

We extend our commitment to responsible practices throughout our supply chain, including our sourcing efforts. Through our Social and Environmental Accountability Program, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure they meet our expectations and uphold human and labour rights, as well as environmental performance. We prioritize collaborating with key suppliers to help them improve their management practices, and we also offer training and support to ensure compliance with our policies.

We recognize the importance of promoting positive change and upholding responsible practices throughout our business operations. We strive to create a sustainable and ethical supply chain, from the mines where our materials are sourced to the workers who craft our jewellery. Our focus on responsible sourcing practices and our dedication to promoting human and labour rights in the communities where we operate is at the core of our values and operations.


Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the mining industry through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

One of the ways the company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability is through responsible sourcing practices. They strive to ensure that the materials used in their Jewellery are ethically and sustainably sourced from suppliers who align with their values and policies. They prioritize working with local sources to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain long-standing relationships with suppliers who share their commitment to responsible mining practices.

In addition to responsible sourcing, Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers promotes environmental stewardship in the mining industry through philanthropic and advocacy efforts. They collaborate with local communities and organizations to support sustainable mining practices and the restoration of historical mining sites. Through these efforts, they aim to reduce the negative environmental impact of mining and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers also works to reduce its own environmental impact by operating cutting and polishing workshops and jewellery manufacturing facilities in safe and healthy workplaces. They continuously monitor and improve their energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers is committed to integrating sustainable design practices into all aspects of their business, including their physical stores. The company recognizes the importance of reducing their overall environmental impact, lowering costs, and promoting the health and wellness of their employees and clients in their retail, office, distribution, and manufacturing facilities.

The company has implemented various sustainable design elements in their stores to achieve these goals. For example, they prioritize the use of natural light, energy-efficient lighting, and low-energy air conditioning systems to reduce their energy consumption. They also use eco-friendly materials, such as FSC-certified wood and recycled materials, for their store fixtures and displays.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers recognizes the importance of sustainable design in reducing their environmental impact and improving the well-being of their employees and clients. By integrating sustainable design practices into their stores, offices, and manufacturing facilities, they are creating a more sustainable and responsible business model.

Mallika Hemachandra Jewellers takes its corporate social responsibility on the planet seriously and strives to create a better world for everyone. Their commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing practices sets a positive example for the jewellery industry and demonstrates that it is possible to balance profit with environmental and social responsibility.

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